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Hokema B7 Kalimba

Electric or Acoustic
Tuning: C Pentatonic Scale


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Dimensions 117 x 90 x 41
Article Number 25030

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Seven metal tines are precision tuned to 5 notes of the C major pentatonic Scale (the white key of the piano). The pentatonic scale is the traditional scale you hear in Chinese and Japanese music, but is also use widely in basically every rock guitar solo! It's basically impossible to make this scale sound bad (which is why it is so popular). This means you can turn your mind off and just PLAY and it will sound great. Ideal for meditation and relaxing. Four of the tines are shorter and placed above three longer ones for ease of play.

The B7 Electric version has a a piezo pickup and a 6.35mm jack socket. This allows the Kalimba to be amplified for live performance. You will need an amplifier, cable or other sound equipment to use this feature (you cannot just plug in headphones for example) - Ask any electric guitar player for help! You can even buy guitar "pedals" that can add echo and delay effects - be the next Jimi Hendrix on Kalimba!

Lovingly handmade in Germany from solid American black cherry wood. Polished with natural oils and waxes. Arrives attractively boxed.

See The Electric Version here in action:

And the Acoustic Version:

What is a Kalimba?

A Kalimba is a modern version of a Mbira which is an African instrument, traditionally from Zimbabwe. The metal Tines are played with the thumbs and the sound resonates through the wood. It is also known as a "Thumb Piano".

Kalimbas benefit from using modern, western scales so are more accessible to our western ears than the traditional African versions. Many are tuned to simple scales, making them easy to get started with and to make beautiful, relaxing music straight away. They can be used for meditation, yoga and even performance.

The sound can be amplified by laying the Kalimba on a tabletop or the skin of a drum.

A small family business since 1985, Hokema produce beautiful little instruments from high quality materials. Hand made with passion in Germany.

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