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Noisy Wind Chimes? How NOT to Annoy the Neighbours

(Last Updated 10/07/2019)

Neighbour annoyed about wind chimes
Does your neighbour find wind chimes annoying?

Yes, Wind Chimes have been known to feature on lists of "Most Annoying Things About My Neighbours". But aren't Wind Chimes supposed to be relaxing?

We aren't going to pretend that some people find Wind Chimes annoying and indeed on windy days, the sound can be constant.

However, we'd like to make a case in defence of Wind Chimes and discuss what can be done to limit any annoyances and to keep the peace between you and your neighbour.

Koshi Wind Chime
Koshi Wind Chimes - Small, but pleasant...

There are three main points here:

  • - The volume of the chime
  • - The quality of the chime
  • - The pitch of the chime

The volume of a wind chime is mainly a function of its size: The larger the louder, the smaller the quieter. This means its always a safe bet to have smaller wind chimes if you only want them to be heard in your own garden.

For larger chimes, however, this is where the quality of the chime comes into play. If the tubes of the chimes are thin, the sound will be high-pitched and indeed will grate on the ears.

This is why we source quality wind chimes with thick tubes. This ensures that not only is the pitch lower, but the quality of the tone is also far more pleasing to the ear.

We've put together a small list of the best sounding wind chimes below, that we feel are in no way annoying.