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Hello! We're so glad you're here visiting our little shop...

We are Stephen and Ben Bosco (The Bosco Brothers). Growing up, our parents always had wind chimes around the house; but always those tinkly ones which you find in sea-side gift shops. And, when it came time to buy our mother a birthday present, and we decided on a wind chime, we knew we could do better. After a little research we discovered the huge variety of beautifully sounding wind chimes that existed. However, we were surprised that no dedicated wind chimes shop existed online.... so we decided to open one!

We've been trading since Februrary 2008 and have grown from a little online shop to being one of the largest selections of wind chimes on the internet. We're still a small family business and hope this shines through in our customer service and care to detail.

We are passionate about wind chimes. Particularly about the science of their tones. There are so many interesting musical scales to use, instead of just relying on the familiar "major scale". How about a magical "Lydian Scale" or a "Japanese Pentatonic Scale"? Furthermore, did you know that modern musical scales are a "compromise" so that we can fit all 12 keys on one instrument? That means when you hear a piano these days, it is ever so slightly, mathematically, out of tune. It has to be. Many wind chimes use "true" mathematically tuning. That's where their magical and pure tone comes from. Combined with ancient scales from all over the world and you have the perfect mixture. Ok, so now we are boring you!

We pass this passion onto you, our customers. We want you to have a wind chime that you love. We make sure we source our wind chimes from the best manufacturers from all over the world. Our two main suppliers (Woodstock and Corinthian) are clearly as passionate about wind chimes as we are. Sound is key!

Do we Still Love Wind Chimes After all These Years?

After over ten years of working we wind chimes, one might suppose we would be fed up of the sound of wind chimes. But the subtle, resonant tones that we experience daily have become so much a part of our lives that we couldn't live without them.

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"Our kingfisher arrived this morning and is lovely! He's now sitting on his stake in our pond waiting for his wild kin to join him. Like everything else I have bought from you, he more than lives up to his description. Thank you very much indeed, I wish you and your team every continuing success. Regards "


"Spiral arrived today - really nice product and great, efficient service, so thank you - we'll use you again! Cheers "


"The delivery came today and the chimes are wonderful! Thank you for your efficient and helpful service. I will certainly send interested customers your way. "